Teaching English Online to Fund a Family Sabbatical


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Could teaching English online help pay for your family’s next adventure?

In this episode…

Stacey, shares her family’s story of moving from Mississippi, USA to small village in Italy to reconnect with her husband’s family and Italian heritage, as well as explore Europe. She tells us about how her family is able to travel and save with her online teaching job, and how you might be able to do the same. She also shares her awesome outlook and some advice to help you get into a move-making mindset.

Resources mentioned…

If you would like to apply for VIP Kids with Stacey’s referral link, and have her walk you through the application process, CLICK HERE (This is an affiliate link, which comes at no cost to you)

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Hear how one family is funding their family #sabbatical by #teaching English online, which allows them to live in Italy and travel Europe. #remotework#digitalnomad #italy