How to Get Hired in Germany Without Speaking German

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In episode 001, I shared why Germany is such a wonderful place for young families. With a strong economy, it is also great for professionals seeking to climb the corporate ladder and get invaluable international business experience (yep, get paid to live abroad AND advance your career!)

In this episode…

Chris Pyak, from Immigrant Spirit, shares insider insights into the German job market for English speakers and teaches us how to overcome the challenge of not speaking German.

Chris has helped over 100 English speaking professionals find work in Germany. He has written a book called “How to Win Jobs and Influence Germans,” and also hosts the Immigrant Spirit Podcast, where he interviews hiring managers at English speaking companies in Germany and gets you the intel you need to hear before you apply.  

Listeners are getting 80% off his online course: Meet Your Future Boss

Resources mentioned…

Xing is a social networking website used by professionals in Germany.

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