All The Reasons Why Family Life in Germany Is So Great

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Germany is a wonderful country for families seeking a better work-life balance.

In this episode…

You will hear my family’s story of leaving the grind in the US for the opportunity to live our European dream, AND why we have stayed in Germany over two years longer than we originally planned.

HINT: The reasons we can’t seem to leave are the same reasons why your family should be considering Germany.

Resources Mentioned…

The cost of groceries is very reasonable here. For example:

cost of living in germany

Prices in Euros

Cucumber: .29

Cereal: 3.29

Bananas: 2.99

Yogurt: 1.44

Peppers: 2.39

Cheddar Cheese: 2.99

Organic Salad: 1.49

Raspberries: 1.49

Avocado: 1.00

Broccoli: .99

Organic milk: 1.05

Oat milk: 2.00

Spelt Specialty Pasta: 2.99

*Not pictured was a Alsatian Riesling for 6.49! I forgot to mention in this episode how cheap the wine is!


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Hear all the reasons why Germany is so great for families and discover why Germany might be the perfect place for your family to live and work abroad.